We will NEVER recommend our services if we don’t think we’re the *best value* for your business.  Send us your financial statements and we will either prove to you how our value is unrivaled or recommend you find someone who is living the life you want so you can take guidance there.
  • Wealth & tax planning is a fixed component of the THUT integrated accounting solution. The incorporation of comprehensive wealth and tax planning solutions into long-term accounting ensure that you and your family benefit from our holistic and unbiased advisory concept. 
  • We work with you to plan ahead and improve the performance and security of your business so that you can look forward to your future life phases with confidence.
  • Our website provides an insight into our values, specialist knowledge, and SaaS packages. Whether you are in Edmonton or anywhere else in Canada − welcome to THUT!


"Taxes, payroll, and housing are the three biggest sources of negative cash flow. They must be planned for and optimized while all other costs are comparatively meaningless.”


  • Our aim is to develop strategies with you that plan for these 3 sources and reduce them optimally by exploiting permissible possibilities. Sound accounting brings about results that have a positive effect on today's balance sheet and thereby increases the value of your life.


“It is not specialist knowledge that will be scarce in the future, but the ability to think creatively and efficiently.”



  • We ease the burden on you. We take care of your accounts and produce GST and corporate tax returns and annual reports so that you can concentrate on your business. Also, we will take care of your payroll and carry out the calculations for you. 
  • THUT Wealth Accounting is committed to further extending our market position.  The basis for this is an outstanding
  • reputation.  Clear virtues and principles determine our daily thoughts and actions.
  • High performance is the value that represents THUT
  • Striving for the highest quality, uncompromising customer service, and continue further development create the common foundation on which we act when working together.
  • Our credibility is based on the code.  It sustainably shapes our good name with the public, and therefore also our financial success. 



Product Improvement

  1. THUT commits itself to the best quality in its product and thus creates long-term added value for customers.
  2. We want to help remove barriers to entrepreneurship by sharing our efficiencies thereby strengthening the social fabric of Canada. 
Customer service
  1. We listen to our customer and give them clear and understandable answers in a friendly manner.
  2. We concentrate on finding solutions for the challenges of our customer.
  3. We support our customer reliably and carry out what we have promised.
  4. We always answer customer questions promptly and simply.
Continuity & Maintenance
  1. We efficiently produce error-free work with mechanical precision
  2. We touch things only once: paper, email etc.
  3. We are clear, accurate, and thorough  (high level of detail)
  4. We address every single source document provided by the customer
  5. We do not multi-task or switch between tasks
  6. We are extremely focused and perform our work with interest and commitment
  7. We work in an orderly/systematic manner
  8. We adhere to all relevant laws and regulations, internal directives and rules
  9. We work independently on routine tasks
  10. We handle with care the information which our customers entrust to us


Quality & Performance (for computing tasks)
  1. We concentrate in uninterrupted 90-minute blocks
  2. We only check email twice per day to reduce cognitive residue
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