At a cost of $3900-$8800 we reduce your costs by 3-30% 


Take advantage that Alberta's oil and gas enterprises spent millions of dollars to pay for the development to let you outsource your accounting at an affordable cost: The strategy was to enter Canada at the high end of the market: Edmonton's oil and gas industry, where customers were prepared to pay a premium, and  THUT used that money to develop cost-efficient accounting solutions for other sectors.  In turn, that money was used to develop even more cost efficient accounting - driving down the market to higher unit volumes and lower prices with each successive category: Enterprise, Venture, Boutique, and Micro.




GST inclusive pricing includes all accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, financial reporting package with GST filings, corporate tax return, tax planning and personal taxes for the owners' household.  Like all things Swiss, our customers rely on us in the long term.  



3-Step THUT Blockchain Platform: Keep it simple and still be better than the rest

  1. Data capture and coding: send us your data in 1 of 3 formats in order of preference: CSV, PDF, paper. THUT extracts data from bank, credit card, and receipts.  Cleansing algorithms allow it to extract transactional data that is 100% accurate.  Automatic data exchange with your bank (optional).  
  2. Computing: We use mathematical optimization algorithms and German cost accounting to save you money. As with all convex mathematical functions, there is only one minimal value that describes the combined taxes in terms of its variables.  Our job is to find the global minimum of this function, that is, we find the point such that f(x0) < f(x) for all in the domain of the function.
  3. Reporting: Promise kept - you receive your clear and thorough reporting package in PDF with full-text search and we file everything with Canadian Revenue Agency- on-time and with the best result.   Together with reports, including a journal for all accounting entries in clean layout, you will stay informed about the financial situation of your company.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the number 1 reason to hire THUT?

Typical accounting is no match for our assembler-level optimization, optimized data loading and use of the THUT algorithm for computing convolutions.


Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely and anytime. All your data can be easily exported.


Why isn't it more expensive?

Up to 80% of the typical accountant's time is routinely wasted on data entry and administrative tasks, 

with only 20% spent on analysis and processing. 


We strongly believe it should be the other way round.


We have made it our mission to deliver an intelligent and scalable accounting software capable of solving the most complex financial problems relevant to corporations that gross between $300K-$6M per year - namely reducing their costs (Total Cost of Ownership = TCO: taxes + accounting + other mistakes) by 3-30%  at a cost of just 1% or less of their revenue.


Is it secure?

With the same encryption technology used by Swiss banks, we have the security elements in place to give you peace of mind.  Data is stored at Swiss data centers on an ongoing basis. Updates and backups are made regularly. Our equipment is housed securely with 24-7 physical security with a full-time security staff, video surveillance and alarms to prevent high-tech breaches. Data is protected with the most secure sockets layer (SSL) Certificate Authority. 


System requirements?

THUT offers an AI-driven accounting software-as-a-service (SaaS).  It is always up-to-date and requires zero hardware investment or software installation.


Canadian CPA THUT Blockchain 3.0 Yourself
  Reliable and Automatic with Machine Learning  
  Automatic reconciliation  
  Fixed price without risk  
  Responds to questions and concerns immediately  
  Tailored fit with THUT Algorithm, Blockchain solutions and support  
  German cost accounting


Everything else.

All-in-one with low fixed price ideal for e-commerce, casual dining, and high-end services.

Keeps you from what's important





  Partner with THUT and put our AI-driven SaaS to work for your e-commerce, casual dining,
  or high-end services business   Direct: 780.761.1688


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