Hi, I'm Christian. I will help you get the most out of life with AI!


This is the story of being penniless to building wealth with no contacts, no network, no role models.


The most important rule is consistently focusing on hard-to-replicate talent that delivers value to people. Specifically, we need a singular focus to produce at the ultimate level, in terms of both quality and speed.


I was never destined to become "the accountant".  It was only after being bullied pushed me to the fairness and predictability of math and programming BASIC with a Commodore VIC20 when I was 10. Growing up as a nobody, with no friends, no money and often no family, I decided I wanted to be world class at something.  I decided I wanted to be a somebody.


  • When I graduated with a Master's of Science degree in 2003, there were no programs to precisely correct volumes and rates of administration for intravenous medications, so I began to write them myself.
  • If I could do it again, I would recommend software engineering at an elite school (top 20) or if it's not an elite school then you are better off skipping school altogether and exhaustively learning code or a trade.   
  • I traveled the world following the money and in 2006 incorporated my firm in Canada’ s largest hydrocarbon processing region. My focus on building and retaining wealth slid me sideways into accounting.  
  • My vision was to create the most valuable product in Canada. My premise was that the mass affluent would be best served by algorithms, free of the failure inherent to human beings. I determined that the only way to reach this goal was to commit myself entirely to one activity: saving money where it counts.  Only a truly focused approach can enable a firm to offer a legitimately, responsible, first­-class service and a relationship of the same impeccable quality.
  • Everything was going as planned until Alberta's oil crash forced us to expand our customer base beyond the oilfield, our programs became too large and failed out of complexity. This is because our robotic process automation consisted of rules to cover every transaction.  I was forced to take on staff to compensate for the deficiency of the software.  The increased overhead with the decreased revenue, from all of the oilfield shops that shut down, nearly put us out of business.  With 2 young children to feed, I was at rock bottom.
  • When there is pain and when there is disappointment, that’s when the magic happens. 
  • It is at this point, I realized I'm going to need to get obsessed. Inspired by the bottom-up nature of Satoshi Nakamoto's white paper we switched to distributed processing neural networks with reinforcers that recognize data in large historic sets.  We started using genetic algorithms to efficiently calculate optimization problems: ie how much dividends to draw and how much to pay towards a mortgage.  
  • Today, our AI-based auto-categorizers are still training on $2.9+ billion of validated transactions to deliver autonomous results that continuously improve. Our Narrow AI of deep learning compounds with the more transactions we process, and architectural upgrades to the original neural modeling and now it is able to identify and categorize 98% of client transactions without fail. 


Wealth is only a by-product of being skilled at a craft.  Millions later, here I am, challenging my mind and body each day,  still trying to be a somebody. 


If you can find an accountant that performs better than THUT please email us and once confirmed we will offer you a lifetime free subscription to THUT. Ready? Go! 


-Christian Thut



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Accountants are out, AI is in; as Accounting goes Digital


We focus on the one thing that matters in our professional lives: serving our customers' best interests - first and always.


  • Wealth & tax planning is a fixed component of the THUT Wealth integrated AI. The incorporation of comprehensive wealth and tax planning solutions into long-term accounting ensure that you benefit from our holistic and unbiased advisory concept. 
  • We work with you to plan ahead and improve the performance and security of your business so that you can look forward to your future life phases with confidence.


"Taxes, payroll, and housing are the three biggest sources of negative cash flow. They must be planned for and optimized while all other costs are comparatively meaningless.”


  • Our aim is to develop strategies with you that plan for these 3 sources and reduce them optimally by exploiting permissible possibilities. Sound accounting brings about results that have a positive effect on today's balance sheet and thereby increases the value of your life.


“It is not specialist knowledge that will be scarce in the future, but the ability to think creatively and efficiently.”

  • We ease the burden on you. We take care of your accounts and produce GST and corporate tax returns and annual reports so that you can concentrate on your business. Also, we will take care of your payroll and carry out the calculations for you. 
  • THUT Wealth is committed to further extending our market position.  The basis for this is an outstanding reputation.  Clear virtues and principles determine our daily thoughts and actions.
  • High performance is the value that represents THUT Wealth. 
  • Striving for the highest quality, uncompromising customer service, and continue further development create the common foundation on which we act when working together.
  • Our credibility is based on the code.  It sustainably shapes our good name with the public, and therefore also our financial success. 



Customer Service

  1. We listen to our customer and give them clear and understandable answers in a friendly manner.
  2. We concentrate on finding solutions for the challenges of our customer.
  3. We support our customer reliably and carry out what we have promised.
  4. We always answer customer questions promptly and simply.
Continuity & Maintenance
  1. We efficiently produce error-free work with mechanical precision
  2. We touch things only once: paper, email etc.
  3. We are clear, accurate, and thorough  (high level of detail)
  4. We address every single source document provided by the customer
  5. We do not multi-task or switch between tasks
  6. We are extremely focused and perform our work with interest and commitment
  7. We work in an orderly/systematic manner
  8. We adhere to all relevant laws and regulations, internal directives and rules
  9. We work independently on routine tasks
  10. We handle with care the information which our customers entrust to us


Quality & Performance (for computing tasks)
  1. We concentrate in uninterrupted 90-minute blocks
  2. We only check email only after our we have completed deep work to reduce cognitive residue
Niklaus Thut, Switzerland


Christian has 20+ years in machine learning and first developed mathematical optimization algorithms to precisely correct volumes and rates of administration for intravenous medications. He began his career at the Swiss global company Roche.  He programmed his first application on a Commodore VIC20 at age 10.


For generations, the Swiss have been meticulously perfecting math. From Bernoulli to Euler to Thut.  The THUT tradition of commitment - as strong today as through the 19 generations of placing the interest of whom we serve before all other considerations. Niklaus Thut died defending his home in 1386.  Before he was killed, he ate the flag to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. 
Our heritage is an ongoing reflection of our past and influences how we conduct our business today. Our passion and dedication in serving our customers are as strong as ever. In keeping with THUT’s visionary spirit, selective acquisitions have been made over the years to augment our current business and strengthen our resources.


Today we combine technological expertise with a high degree of foresight and responsibility. 


We make it our business to understand the needs of GenZ  By delivering consistently high-quality and reliable performance, we generate the value that keeps our customers coming back.
Our promise unequivocally says what we stand for and what we deliver.  We put ourselves in our customer' shoes.  We listen closely to their needs, objectives, and challenges and always go the extra mile to achieve the optimal solution.

"In our profession, precision and perfection are not a dispensable luxury, but a simple necessity." Niklaus Wirth, Swiss analyst. 





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