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Data capture

Send us your data in 1 of 3 formats in order of preference: CSV, PDF, paper.  We let technology complete data capture rather than typing it up for however many hours it may take, providing up to a 90% time saving on otherwise error-prone and labour-intensive tasks.  We have eliminated expensive and error-prone manual input, for higher accuracy in less time.  


SwissBooks uses artificial intelligence to locate and extract line item and tax summary data from receipts and exports it into a csv file.


Python-based THUT technology extracts data from bank, credit card and online statements and allows for automatic bank reconciliation.  Cleansing algorithms allow it to extract transactional data that is 100% accurate.  Automatic data exchange with your bank (optional).


We use mathematical optimization algorithms and German cost accounting to save you money. SwissBooks anticipates changes rather than reacts to them.  Optimising combined corporate + personal taxes depends sensitively on draws, income and dividend-salary mix.  As with all convex mathematical functions, there is only one minimal value that describes the combined taxes in terms of  its variables.  Our job is to find the global minimum of this function, that is, we find the point such that f(x0) < f(x) for all in the domain of the function.  Wages decrease corporate taxable income until a specific point that the personal tax obligations outweigh the corporate tax savings.


Promise kept - you receive your clear and thorough reporting package in PDF with full-text search and we file everything with Canadian Revenue Agency- on-time and with the best result.   Together with graphs and reports, including a journal for all accounting entries in clean layout, you will stay informed about the financial situation of your company.

Accounting is not just a matter of fulfilling accounting obligations, it is an essential element of operational management control. That is why we will assume not only your financial and bookkeeping activities, but support you with our know-how as well as in the consistent recording of all business processes along with developing analyses. This gives you a meaningful foundation for your business decision processes.


Our services

  • Ongoing financial and pay accounting (IT-supported)
  • Preparation of sales tax, income tax and social security filings
  • Preparation of annual financial statements and cash basis accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Debt collection
  • Set-up and maintenance of internal corporate accounting systems


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