"In our profession, precision and perfection are not a dispensable luxury, but a simple necessity." Niklaus Wirth, Swiss analyst. 


THUT Code of Conduct. How we treat our subscribers and one another.


THUT is committed to further extending its market position.  The basis for this is an outstanding reputation.  Clear virtues and principles determine our daily thoughts and actions.


High performance is the value that represents THUT.


Striving for the highest quality, uncompromising customer service, and continuous further development create the common foundation on which we act when working together.


Our credibility is based on the code.  It sustainably shapes our good name with the public, and therefore also our financial success.


Product Improvement

THUT commits itself to the best quality in its products and thus creates long-term added value for subscribers.


Customer service

  1. We listen to our subscriber and give them clear and understandable answers in a friendly manner.
  2. We concentrate on finding solutions for the challenges of our subscriber.
  3. We support our subscriber reliably and carry out what we have promised.
  4. We always answer subscriber questions promptly and simply.


Continuity and maintenance

  1. We efficiently produce error-free work with mechanical precision
  2. We touch things only once: paper, email etc.
  3. We are clear, accurate, and thorough  (high level of detail)
  4. We address every single source document provided by the subscriber
  5. We do not multi-task or switch between tasks
  6. We are extremely focused and perform our work with interest and commitment

  7. We work in an orderly/systematic manner 
  8. We adhere to all relevant laws and regulations, internal directives and rules
  9. We work independently on routine tasks 
  10. We are trustworthy, reliable and responsible 
  11. We handle with care the information which our subscribers entrust to us


Quality and performance (for computing tasks)

We concentrate in uninterrupted 90-minute blocks

We only check email twice per day to reduce cognitive residue


Investment in society

THUT policy is directed towards long-term prosperity and ensuring value-adding jobs.  By steadily increasing its profitability, THUT improves the stability of employment.


Our value proposition (the whole reason our company exists) is that at a cost of just 1% to our subscriber we reduce their total costs by 3-30%.  Our job is to legitimately minimize taxes-- NOONE can take more than what they pay in taxes. We will not be an accessory to negative tax rates whereby the government gives someone more (through benefits + through use of tax-funded infrastructure and services) than they remit in taxes.  The roads, healthcare system, schools, police, and government can not function without a net contribution from society. 


We face an extremely competitive landscape in which small business owners have a multitude of options from do-it-themselves QuickBooks to full-service accountants.  We are one more choice that specifically solves the tax, payroll and housing challenges faced by restaurants, manufacturing/engineering, Amazon sellers, construction, and salons.



"Skill is proven only by action." Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach


The iconic black eagle from the Thut family's hometown with Swiss-type on the white field in the THUT logo is a clear assertion of the brand's strong links with its Swiss roots. 

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