Accountants are out, Coders are in; as Accounting goes Digital


Conceived in Switzerland, THUT was founded with a single purpose: software-as-a-service (SaaS) for recurring revenue to replace costly and error-prone accountants.  Accountants are all about cost-cutting, but the truth is that it's all meaningless compared to the big 3: taxes, payroll and housing. 


We focus on the one thing that matters in our professional lives: serving our customers' best interests - first and always.

Niklaus Thut, Switzerland


Swiss heritage,

Canadian know-how


Christian is a software engineer with a math background and 19+ years of accounting, tax, and wealth platform development. He first developed mathematical optimization algorithms to precisely correct volumes and rates of administration for intravenous medications. He then began his career at the Swiss global company Roche.  At the age of 26, he had a lead role at a $100 million company in Edmonton.


The THUT tradition of commitment - as strong today as through the 19 generations of placing the interest of whom we serve before all other considerations.  Niklaus Thut, a Swiss hero died defending his home in 1386.  Before he was killed, he ate the flag to prevent it falling into enemy hands. 


We are focused on the following 9 customer groups:

  1. Single-idea restaurants 
  2. Salons 
  3. B2B technology
  4. B2B trades (plumbing, electrical etc.)
  5. CNC machine shops
  6. Skincare subscriptions 
  7. Makeup product of the month subscriptions 
  8. Consumable product subscriptions 
  9. High-end gyms, country clubs

To protect our clients from ever-increasing fraud and audits, we have redundant security elements in place including the same encryption technology used by Swiss Banks and the most secure layer (SSL) Certificate Authority.  However, with over 40,000 employees, the CRA will be the reason your information is compromised.  What ultimately protects our clients is the fact there are only 3 humans working in our office (all family), so we build genuine relationships with our clients which keeps them safe.

"In our profession, precision and perfection are not a dispensable luxury, but a simple necessity." Niklaus Wirth, Swiss analyst. 

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