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Since 2010 we are Edmonton's #1 rated accounting service on Facebook. The #2 rated firm could cost you thousands more in taxes.  Accountants are all about cost-cutting, but the truth is that it's all worthless compared to the big 3: taxes, payroll, and housing. Build a scalable business while optimizing your taxes and your mortgage interest.   Our mission is to reduce your costs by 15-25%.  Accounting is no match for our assembler-level optimization, optimized data loading and use of the THUT algorithm for computing convolutions.  


Data capture and coding

Send us your paperwork.  THUT extracts data from receipts, bank and credit card statements. Cleansing algorithms allow it to extract transactional data that is 100% accurate (no error-prone and costly manual input).


We use mathematical optimization algorithms to save you money. As with all convex mathematical functions, there is only one minimal value that describes the combined taxes in terms of its variables.


Promise kept - you receive your clear and thorough reporting package in PDF with full-text search and we file everything with the Canada Revenue Agency- on-time and with the best result.  After we save you thousands in taxes, what will you do with the money?


To protect our clients from ever-increasing fraud and audits, we have redundant security elements in place including the same encryption technology used by Swiss Banks and the most secure layer (SSL) Certificate Authority.  However, with over 40,000 employees, the CRA will be the reason your information is compromised.  What ultimately protects our clients is the fact there are only 3 people working in our office (all family), so we build genuine relationships with our clients which keeps them safe.


The three biggest accounting mistakes are

  1. paying more taxes than you should
  2. paying more mortgage interest than you should
  3. not reporting income correctly or overclaiming expenses- both will result in costly audits


Like all things Swiss, our customers rely on us in the long term.  This is only possible by charging market rates, having a good reputation, the best people, a high ratio of production vs support costs.  A few hundred dollars off our price pales in comparison to the value of our work, the correctness of delivery, and the ongoing customer service.  


Annual pricing includes all accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, financial reporting package with GST filings, corporate tax return, tax planning and personal taxes for the owners' household:




and the Tradition of Familie Thut -19 generations of commitment since 1386. Serving Alberta since 2006.

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