#1 All-Inclusive Accounting Software for Growing Businesses

We are focused on one activity we excel at - accounting for scalable Canadian corporations that gross between $300K-$6M per annum with minimum 20% pre-tax margins.

At a cost of just 1% or less, we reduce the 3 sources of negative cash flow that matter (taxes, payroll, and housing) by 3-30%. 

The end-to-end accounting solution that will give you more time, more attention and more money.  Christian and his team ensure that THUT is constantly innovative to keep its users satisfied. 


Envision a brilliantly clear, superbly detailed account of your business and prepare yourself for a framework for success, formerly reserved only for a privileged few.  THUT, like all things Swiss, spotlights your insistence on the finest. 



Top-Rated 5-Step Bookkeeping and Accounting System

Data capture

Send us your data in 1 of 3 formats in order of preference: CSV, PDF, paper.  We let technology complete data capture rather than typing it up for however many hours it may take, providing up to a 90% time saving on otherwise error-prone and labor-intensive tasks.  We have eliminated expensive and error-prone manual input, for higher accuracy in less time.  


THUT uses artificial intelligence to locate and extract line item and tax summary data from receipts and exports it into a csv file.


Python-based THUT technology extracts data from bank, credit card, and online statements and allows for automatic bank reconciliation.  Cleansing algorithms allow it to extract transactional data that is 100% accurate.  Automatic data exchange with your bank (optional).


We use mathematical optimization algorithms and German cost accounting to save you money. THUT anticipates changes rather than reacts to them.  Optimising combined corporate + personal taxes depends sensitively on draws, income, and dividend-salary mix.  As with all convex mathematical functions, there is only one minimal value that describes the combined taxes in terms of its variables.  Our job is to find the global minimum of this function, that is, we find the point such that f(x0) < f(x) for all in the domain of the function.  Wages decrease corporate taxable income until a specific point that the personal tax obligations outweigh the corporate tax savings.


Promise kept - you receive your clear and thorough reporting package in PDF with full-text search and we file everything with Canadian Revenue Agency- on-time and with the best result.   Together with graphs and reports, including a journal for all accounting entries in clean layout, you will stay informed about the financial situation of your company.


and the Tradition of Familie Thut -19 generations of commitment since 1386. Enterprise solutions in Edmonton since 2006.

GST inclusive pricing includes all accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, financial reporting package with GST filings, corporate tax return, tax planning and personal taxes for the owners' household.   Service excellence means meeting your needs and delivering on time.   Security and precision: THUT is a reflection of 21st-century Switzerland.  Like all things Swiss, our customers rely on us in the long term.  




Integrated approach. This integrated one-stop-shop solution allowed the tax rates to be exploited to the best possible effect and meant that more of the earnings could be retained while adhering strictly to Canadian laws and regulations  Optimising combined corporate + personal taxes depends sensitively on your financial plan.  As with all convex mathematical functions, there is only one minimal value that describes the combined taxes in terms of its variables.  Our job is to find the global minimum of this function, that is, we find the point such that f(x0) < f(x) for all in the domain of the function.  Wages decrease corporate taxable income until a specific point that the personal tax obligations outweigh the corporate tax savings. Despite drastic tax savings our clients and ourselves still carry the load of Canada's taxes.


Take advantage that Alberta's oil and gas enterprises spent millions of dollars to pay for the development to let you outsource your accounting at an affordable cost: The strategy was to enter Canada at the highest end of the market: Alberta's oil and gas industry, where customers were prepared to pay a premium, and THUT used that money to develop cost-effective accounting solutions for other sectors.  In turn, that money was used to develop even more cost efficient accounting - driving down the market to higher unit volumes and lower prices with each successive category: Enterprise, Venture, Boutique, and Micro.  2 of the 3 top Vietnamese restaurants in Edmonton plus a dozen of the Golden Fork Award winners now use THUT and half of our corporate client base support multi-billion dollar heavy oil and oilsands projects around Edmonton.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the number 1 reason to hire THUT?

Working with 150+ high-earners allows us to identify and repeat the best-performing strategies across businesses. Vantage allows us to focus on the only 3 sources of negative cash flow that matter: taxes, payroll, and housing.


What if I don't expect to annually gross between $300K and $6M?

We are completely dedicated to helping like-minded corporate owners reduce the only 3 sources of negative cash flow that matter if you are doing it right: taxes, payroll, and housing.  It is not fair to recommend a product that is not going to be tailored to your needs.  


Will I get help with getting started?

Of course. We are happy to help you at any time, free of charge. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


How can I pay?

We charge for THUT retroactively and send you a yearly invoice. You only pay for what you actually used.


Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely. If you no longer need THUT, you can cancel your subscription at the end of the current payment period. All your data can be easily exported.


Why isn't it more expensive?

Up to 80% of the typical accountant's time is routinely wasted on data entry and administrative tasks, 

with only 20% spent on analysis and processing. 


We strongly believe it should be the other way round.


We have made it our mission to deliver an intelligent and scalable accounting software (SaaS) capable of solving the most complex financial problems relevant to corporations that gross between $300K-$6M per year - namely reducing their costs (Total Cost of Ownership = TCO: taxes + accounting + other mistakes) by 3-30%  at a cost of just 1% or less of their revenue.


Is it secure?

With the same encryption technology used by Swiss banks, we have the security elements in place to give you peace of mind.  Data is stored at Swiss data centers on an ongoing basis. Updates and backups are made regularly. Our equipment is housed securely with 24-7 physical security with a full-time security staff, video surveillance and alarms to prevent high-tech breaches. Data is protected with the most secure sockets layer (SSL) Certificate Authority. 


System requirements?

THUT offers an AI-driven accounting software-as-a-service (SaaS).  It is always up-to-date and requires zero hardware investment or software installation.


Are you CPAs?

THUT has developed proprietary data capture and delivery methodology that is designed for Canadian corporations that gross between $300K-$6M per year.  It is our opinion that the typical CPA methodology works better for certain businesses in the first column below:


Canadian CPA THUT 3.0 Yourself
Manual receipt entry Reliable and Automatic with Machine Learning Keeps you from what's important
Manual reconciliation Automatic reconciliation Keeps you from what's important
No incentive to work efficiently Fixed price without risk Keeps you from what's important
Slow response time since it's not a scalable business Responds to questions and concerns immediately Keeps you from what's important
Same as 20 years ago Tailored fit with THUT Algorithm, Blockchain solutions and support Keeps you from what's important
Simple cost accounting German cost accounting

Keeps you from what's important


All-in-one with low fixed price ideal for small Canadian controlled private corporations that gross between $300K-$6M per year with minimum 20% pre-tax margins.



Don't Take Our Word For It

Originally designed for the oil, gas and pipeline sector, THUT works for Alberta corporations that have between $300K-$3M annual revenue with minimum 20% pre-tax margins. Accordingly, in addition to oil & gas, we are experts in all other sectors that focus on recurring revenue. Here is what 27 subscribers say about us:




"Top notch!!! You will not find a better accountant in Edmonton. Feeling grateful that I finally found an amazing accountant who cares about my company's finances as much as I do. With other accountants, I felt like a small fish in a big pond, having returns filed with little to no attention to detail. Just using the standard formula and filing methods so they could push me thru and move onto the next customer. Thut and his team take it personally and work diligently and vigorously to ensure maximum return and optimize economic efficiency. Wish I found him 5 years ago when I started, but better late than never."



BuiltWithPrideConstruction.com (Dustin R.) Sturgeon County, Alberta


"Thut Accounting has handled my accounting for the past few years and has had no hiccups as my business grew over the years.

They gave me sound advice on how to best structure my company as we expanded to the US and UK and have handled the accounting for my business professionally with quick email responses for any questions I had.

A great accountant is a vital ingredient to have on your team, they handle the finances of your business which is what drives your whole company. If you believe the same then choose Thut Accounting."

Distribution Mall (Richard C., CEO) Edmonton, Alberta (Online Product Sales)



"By far the best accountants I have ever had. I always recommend them to other friends and associates and they ALWAYS exceeded any services expectations. Thank you so much for all your hard work, it really is much appreciated."


Attitude People Inc. (Mel Mottram CEO) Edmonton, Alberta 





"High Quality, Efficient, Affordable and Professional Accountant: THUT takes care of our personal and business tax needs.  From filing, processing, administration to advice and completion all within an affordable payment model suited to the size of our business operations.  We have referred THUT over and over again to anyone that has frustrations with their current accountant or is in need of a new one.  THUT is the most affordable and well-managed companies we have come across in our 6 years of being in business.  The tax savings and advice THUT has provided and given over our 6-year relationship has paid off many times."


MojoPhoto.ca (Dennie H.) Edmonton, Alberta 





"Amazing Service, Quick Response Time: THUT offers amazing quick service.  Always willing to help us out when we are short for time and help walk us through any issue.  You can definitely count on THUT to keep on top of things and they are always teaching us new, more efficient methods to complete our bookkeeping."


BlackoutTinting.ca (Tony T.) Edmonton, Alberta 





"Amazing accountant to have for your business. Always there to give you the best advice. I will never switch to another company! So glad I found them!"

Urban Nail Bar and Urban Nails Edmonton, Alberta 



"I have worked with several other accountants in the past and Christian and his team are hard working, honest and good at what they do. I would highly recommend anyone to consider using him as your accountant"


David Luong REALTOR®, Edmonton, Alberta 



"Fantastic for personal and corporate taxes. We have been with Thut for over three years and highly recommend them to our friends and colleagues. Their prices are fair and their efficacy sets them above the rest!"


SuccessionMatching.com (Alison Anderson, CEO) Saskatchewan 






"Absolutely best accounting service I ever experienced. I was referred to them by my trusted colleague, and I will stay with them forever. Christian is a very honest, knowledgeable and respectful human being."


Mira Wannous Vancouver, British Columbia 


"Professional, Intelligent, Fast, Trustworthy, Organized, Friendly is how I would describe the THUT accounting team. We have been with them for the past 3 years with our first business and almost 1 year with our second one, they are super organized with our paperwork, keeping our accounts up to date, always giving us wise advice, and I was really IMPRESSED how fast Christian and Yen replied to my emails.  THUT accounting always provides us the best and everything that we needed for our businesses. We always have a peace of mind growing our businesses knowing that THUT accounting is taking very good care of our accounts. I highly recommend."  

Bright Nails and D Nails Edmonton, Alberta 



"Thank you, Yen, Christian and THUT employees for helping me in the past few years.
I know you guys work hard on my file trying to put all the numbers together and to answer all my requests.
I am very glad and thankful for choosing your office's experience when I started my business. Your office is: trustworthy, understanding and gives detailed explanations.
Thank you for all that.

If I have a chance to refer my friends and families to look for an accountant, I will surely introduce them to THUT Accounting."

T Top Nails & Spa (Thanh Nguyen) Spruce Grove, Alberta  






"For two years I hesitated to switch to THUT.  It was the biggest mistake I ever made.  E-mail THUT today and let them do for you what they did for me!"


Pretty&Polished and TNP Exteriors Ltd. (Xuan P.) Whitecourt, Alberta  




"THUT has helped me simplify my processes to save time and money.  This took a lot off my plate and allows me to effectively focus my time on other activities.  THUT broke it down and made it easy for me to understand.  Highly recommended :)"


VirtuosoElectric.com (Janet B.) Calgary, Alberta





"Been with you guys for 4+yrs now. All my email questions get answered super quick. Even my dumb ones. Always explaining everything in detail to me. Great staff. You guys are doing an amazing job!Keep up the great work!"


Co Do Hue Express (Will H.) Edmonton, Alberta 






"Absolute BEST!! Thank you for absolutely everything! Love you guys to pieces!"


N2 Makeup Co. (Nina N.) Edmonton, Alberta 




"Thank you for all your service and advice for the last couple years. We appreciate everything you guys and your team do for us.

Glad we found you! And hope for many more years of teamwork."

Modern Touch Nail Salon (Trish & Lan) Edmonton, Alberta 


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